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Client Testimonials

"Arch is the solution of choice in 400+ OK Foods stores countrywide. It is a long-standing relationship going back more than 18 years. Arch Retail, the in-store solution, is supplemented by integrated Value Adds at POS, Arch Mobile and Arch Enterprise as the central Head Office merchandising solution. An integrated customer loyalty program further adds value to the operation. We are partners, where understanding each other’s business, is crucial to our success. Their cutting edge products are supported by efficient service backup. The partnership with Spinnaker has been instrumental in growing the OK Foods Group."

Louise de Goede – Scanning Systems Manager, OK Foods Group

"Ultra Liquors is a chain of hybrid wholesale/retail liquor outlets that operate throughout South Africa. It started in 1985 but began expanding in 1996. From 1996 to 2016, the company grew its corporate stores from 12 to 30 and introduced a successful and fast-growing franchise division. This growth raised the need for us to centrally control our product master, supplier master, debtors’ listings, pricing, and supplier claims. At the same time, it required us to standardise our store operations and ensure that they were as efficient as possible.

In 2016 our point-of-sale system enabled our managers to control their stores well. However, it was not geared towards effectively managing the group at a head office level. This meant that a lot of admin that could be centralised was done in the stores, and managing master data became more and more difficult. As a result, we began to explore alternate systems.

After six months of analysing systems, we settled on Arch Retail and Arch Enterprise. The Arch team rolled out all 30 stores in four months, and we had almost no interruption to trade. It was a remarkable achievement by the two teams that worked well together. Since rolling out Arch, we have gained control of our master data, supplier claims and introduced new “best practice” procedures into the stores. We have not looked back and recently went live with the Arch eStore solution. 

I can strongly recommend Arch to any retail or wholesale organisation. The system is excellent, but more importantly, their staff are motivated and committed to helping their customers as business changes and systems need to evolve."

Craig Robinson – Joint Managing Director, Ultra Liquors

"We have a long-standing relationship with Arch Retail, dating back to 2007, when all our Wholesale stores were converted to Arch. In the interim we have also grown our Retail operation. We currently have 40 Wholesale and 26 Retail stores operational on Arch in Botswana and 19 stores in Namibia. We’ve also implemented Arch Enterprise, which has given us centralised control over listing and pricing of merchandise. Infinity, their loyalty system is also operational in all our stores. The Arch suite of products and the professional support thereof, has been instrumental in our operational success."

David Levin – Sefalana Group (Botswana & Namibia)

“The growth in our store operation necessitated the implementation of Arch Retail as an integrated management solution in March 2017. The decision to convert the store to Arch, was a strategic one. Arch facilitated the change required in the business dynamics and brings more structure and discipline to the operation. Margin control through Arch is critical in the success of the store. Arch, as business partner, has definitely played an important role in our growth and in us receiving the international IGA Retailer of the Year award in 2019.”

Suhail Bayat, Director (Supersave Hyper Foodtown – Pietermaritzburg)


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