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Automating the flow of operational data to financial system

Arch Financial Integration allows for the automation of key processes. This eliminates manual errors and results in more accurate financial information. We offer two options: an integration into world-leading finance software packages or into Arch Accounting, our in-house developed solution. We prefer integration over a finance module in a retail operating system, since it offers the following benefits:

  • Synching financial processes with everything that happens across your retail operation creates a seamless operational data flow
  • Provision for remote access to external service providers where retailers lack on-site financial skills
  • Customised financial reporting for specific operational data – this is particularly useful when running a multi-store enterprise

Arch Financial Integration features and functionality

Accurate financial information is critical to mitigate risk and make sound management decisions.

Arch Financial Integration is an accredited Sage Business Partner and registered Sage Evolution Dealer (includes add-on modules). Our finance software integration service enables the automated, seamless flow of operational retail data from Arch Retail (in-store) to Sage Evolution (preferred external solution) or to Arch Accounting. It includes proprietary middleware monitoring and correction services in the event of integration failure. We also provide integration services to other finance software such as Syspro and SAP.

It is operational in more than 300 sites in Southern Africa (South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Angola, Zambia, and Zimbabwe).

Product functionality:

  • Covers unlimited remote sites from which data is synched to head office
  • Posts daily only summaries of sales and tender transactions, to prevent general ledger clogging
  • Posts VAT to one control account (traditional) or split into two accounts (output and input)
  • Imports debtors and creditors transactions individually using Arch document numbers as reference
  • Posts stock adjustments, cost variations, mark-up-mark-down entries and stock finalisation variances
  • Arch stock value balances to finance software stock value
  • Accommodates multi-currency, posting home and forex amount at spot rate from Arch

Finance software support

Your finance software service provider must be an accredited business partner, qualified to support finance software. Arch employs experienced financial system integrators, knowledgeable in both Arch Retail and finance software, as well as the transaction flows required for accurate reporting. We conduct implementation in conjunction with you, the retail client, followed up with focused user training.

Arch Accounting

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2. Control Accounts Arch Accounting

3. Cashup Arch Accounting

4. Debtors Arch Accounting

5. Creditors Arch Accounting

6. Cashbook Arch Accounting

7. Vat Arch Accounting

8. Reports Arch Accounting

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