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Loyalty rewards to retain loyal customers

Acquiring and keeping customers is critical to building a profitable, thriving business. Repeat customers help to ensure continuous growth for your business and are, therefore, essential to your success. As a result, loyalty programs are fast gaining traction worldwide as a means to encourage and retain repeat customers. In addition, these programs provide valuable customer personal information and buying behaviour data, which can be used in marketing campaigns.

Arch Loyalty features and functionality

A rewards program is a competitive strategy, essentially a relationship between store and loyal customer, where both parties gain from it. Rewarding loyalty creates an emotional connection – purchase decision-making is 30% rational and 70% emotional. When a customer chooses to shop at your store repeatedly, the value they get from the relationship outrivals the potential benefit they would get from a competitor.

Arch Loyalty benefits


  • Price discounts, special deals and participation in competitions
  • No card/membership joining fee
  • Instant gratification (cashback at point-of-sale) – on basket size, combo, or product(s)
  • Cashback earned can be tendered at point-of-sale
  • Till slips display Rands awarded and the balance
  • Bank-your-change benefit allows the customer to have their coins added to their card balance
  • Gift cards can be loaded onto a loyalty card or a dedicated card
  • Balance enquiry can occur in-store (self-service kiosk) or online
  • Makes your customers feel appreciated for their loyalty


  • Less expensive overall than acquiring new customers
  • Customer rewards are respent in the store
  • Increases revenue because loyal customers trust your brand - on average, loyalty members spend more than double
  • Allows for growth turnover without sacrificing profitability
  • Helps to develop targeted marketing campaigns with measurable returns using product preference and buyer behaviour data
  • Direct mobile marketing channel via SMS – 90% of SMS’s are read within 3 minutes
  • Supplier campaign involvement - carries part of cost and offers product level rewards
  • Presents an integrated internal or supplier-backed competition platform
  • Can apply different reward percentages to different products
  • Can allocate different rewards percentages such as pensioners
  • Management report options to measure system performance

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